Monday, 17 June 2013

Beating The Lottery Which Strategies Work

Beating the lottery does take some luck and skill, we know this to be true by talking to various lottery winners. To dramatically increase your chances to beat the lottery the top lotto winning strategy is to use a lottery a system. This is how a large percentage of real lottery winners play the lottery and even win the big lottery jackpot more than just once.

The actual odds to win lottery games varies from game to game, so it is best if you can start lowering your odds against you, by playing the lotto game with the best winning odds. As an example playing a pick 5/39 lotto game over playing a pick 6/49 lotto game gives you better winning odds right from the start. Now apply a good lotto wining strategy (Lottery System) and increase your odds to win far more than just using self picked lottery numbers.

The biggest issue we hear all the time is which lotto strategy should I be using. Other than going from system to system, testing all out to eventually find a good one, here is a reputable solid proof way of seeing which lottery systems are in fact winning lottery games. Here is the latest released best winning lottery system official poll results. Polls are a trusted way to see real proof, reviews that are written are not a trusted way to choose a system, most reviews are actually written by affiliates selling that particular system, so obviously they will mislead you!! See the poll results below.

We posted the results earlier this year on the 2012-2013 best lottery system poll and it looks like we still have a winning system that stands out from the rest of the group. The system that received the highest votes as best winning system 2 years in a row is the Lotto Guy System. There has never been a system that has won so many lottery games world-wide than the Lotto Guy System, reported wins playing California Lottery, Lotto 649, OZ Lotto, Texas Lotto, Florida Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, UK Lotto, Ohio Lottery, Pa Lottery, South African Lottery, New York Lottery plus many others! You can now choose to try a real winning system rather than jumping from system to system and wasting time and money.

Remember playing the lottery is a game of chance and do not expect to win the big jackpot in the first month or two you play, it may never happen at all, but at least your odds to win will be much greater than playing the old fashion way!

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Lotto Winning Tips And Strategies That Work To Win Lotto

We have come a long way in the quest for lotto winning tips and strategies that work! The lottery jackpots around the world are getting larger all the time and of course we all want a piece of the pie. I know you do not want to just sit back and watch people win the lottery becoming rich millionaires, but what are you doing to increase your odds to win the lottery. We ask this same question and 9 out of 10 people said, they changed nothing and still obviously win nothing, does that tell you something?

People are addicted to playing lottery games as am I, we all want to win some cash winnings and need to hit those lottery winning numbers to do this, so if you game plan or lotto winning strategy is not working, it's time for a change to a smart winning strategy correct? When people switch over and used a real proven powerful true winning lottery system, their chances to win the lotto increase big time! The demand factor for good winning systems is high and this mean many systems will be fake just to make a fast buck, they win no lottery games, you must avoid the silly fake or useless systems if real lotto winning success is what you are after.

If you are confused or have doubts about which lotto prediction system you should be using, or you are just starting out playing lotto, then you need to take a look at the latest official best winning lottery system poll results (Polls do not lie!).

Official release of this latest best winning lotto strategy or system is really a secret revealed, as you would have no way of knowing which one of these systems was actually winning lotto games such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Florida Lotto, Texas Lotto, California Lottery, New York Lottery, PA Lottery, Lotto 6/49, OZ Lotto, Super Toto, UK Lotto and so on.

Use one or more of the top winning or voted on systems real lottery winners use as Lotto Guy System which is now the top winning system in the world, it the real deal! Then we have a few other good winning systems as Smart Play Lotto wheels, which is a very powerful system known for winning Powerball and Mega Millions, a serious winning system that is easy to use!

This is the change YOU need, do not just keep playing the lottery blindly, you need a winning strategy and you need to stick with it. Why waste your time and money playing the lotto and knowing full well you way of playing is not working, time to change, this is major! Don't be left behind!  

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Lotto Guy Lottery System Free Download WARNING!

We are warning people about free lottery system downloads for such systems as the Lotto Guy Lottery System free download, The Lotto Black Book free download, the Silver Lotto System free download, Formula 1 Lotto System free download etc These lottery system free downloads hitting the Internet are Not Real! Misleading websites are simply using the names of these very well known systems to get you to their websites.

The bad part of this free lottery system download ploy, is that in many cases your are downloading a computer virus or trojan which cannot be removed. We have reports on people trying to downloads for example the Lotto Guy Lottery System and getting what they think is the real system, but it is not. The fake free system they just downloaded is placing a virus on their computer.

If you see in any of these kinds of titles in search results Do Not Open These:

  • Free Lotto Guy Lottery System Downloads Best Lotto Guy pdf Downloads
  • Lotto Guy Lottery System pdf Torrents
  • lotto guy lottery system free download at PTF
Other systems have similar titles being used to trick you into thinking you are getting a free download for the system which is not the case.

We do not know why this is being done, but just know all of these lottery systems cannot be downloaded for free. Always get them from their main websites, then you are safe. You can find links to the main websites for some of these systems at the top of page. We only only give links to verified winning systems that really work, if looking for the other websites links you will have to Google them.

Just so you know other lottery system review sites are also reporting to avoid these free lottery system downloads see more news at Lotto System Reviews.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Win Lotto With Winning Lotto Strategies

To really be successfull to win lotto games, you first must learn about lotto and how to play the lottery. Then winning lottery games as Monday Lotto, New York Lotto, Florida Lotto, Florida Powerball, Texas Lotto, UK Lotto, OZ Lotto, Michigan Lottery, Lotto Max, National Lottery etc will, become much easier. You must learn to play way smarter, this is the main reason most people cannot ever win lottery cash prizes. I am not talking about hitting the main lottery jackpot prize, but hitting smaller lottery cash prizes consistently! I will give you a very simple lottery tactic to use and you will definitely see success.
You must increase the number of lottery tickets you play per lotto draw, this is a very simple tip will increase your win rates, but you must not increase the number of lottery games you play. Always just stick with one chosen lottery game, and stick with it, do not spread yourself out. Now to get the real benefit of playing more and hitting more winning lottery numbers, you must play even more intelligently. This means you should be using a winning lottery system and forget about using quick picks or choosing your lotto numbers through numerology, astrology or birth-dates and so on. When I say to use a winning lotto system, I mean only the systems that have been thoroughly tested and proven in real world use that gave winning lottery results. To avoid the very common useless silly lottery systems , you should never buy a system if it is sold through ClickBank, this is a big major mistake many people regret doing. Most all lotto systems sold through ClickBank are made up and sold by shady marketers, you know the systems, the ones with phony scenarios like The Lotto BlackBook, Lottery Cash machine, Formula 1 Lotto System, Silver Lotto System, Lottery Variant System plus many, many others.
Many lottery players use a system called the Lotto Guy Lottery System, it is a real legit University developed and proven system designed by real techs, No Garbage! It has worked wonders for about 75% of the people who use it. This excellent system even won best lottery system by poll vote over 15 other systems (solid Proof). It is highly recommended for all pick 5 and pick 6 lotto games.
 If you are more into using a very fast and easy type lotto system, you will want a wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Very good easy to use system , great for all lotto players who want a low-cost to high win ratio wheeling system. Works great for all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games worldwide and has an excellent winning track record. Of course there are a few others systems that work some what ok, but these two are the very best. 
Follow these tips and you will most definitely see your win rates explode! If you use the silly lottery systems, you will see your win rates drop. Now get out there and lets win the lottery! 

Win The Lottery 

Lottery Group

Smart Play Lotto System Tested Proven Results

Lottery games all over the world are being tested with a new lottery wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. This lotery wheeling product is proving to be a powerful force at considerably improving your lotto odds to win the Lottery. Evangelists, reviewers and customers abroad are all confirming lottery wins with this system. The lottery system market is actually quite big, but no other wheeling system can match the accuracy and effectiveness of Smart Play. World economies are poor and people are praying for that big Powerball or Thunderball jackpot prize. Systems like Silver Lotto, Ace Lee’s wheeling software and even Gail Howard’s wheeling approach simply cannot match toe to toe with Smart Play Lottery Wheels. Here’s why: 
- Smart Play is broken up into 3 categories or groups of wheels to choose from. They call them Budget, Conservative and Max Play wheels. As their names would suggest, each respective category gets more expensive to play but increases your winning zone greatly. Only feel like putting down a few dollars on this week’s Quebec Lotto 49 or Lotto 649? Then the Budget wheels will suit you just fine, and still boost your odds greatly to win. Max play is for the dedicated player who is willing to pay over $30 to maximize my chance of not only making money, but winning the top prize asa lottery jackpot. 
- The price to purchase Smart Play Lotto Wheels sits well below the competition. The price to use the system is very cost efficient as well. 
- Ever look at the sales page for other lottery systems like Lotto Black Book, Lotto Variant, Win Lotto System, Lotto Cash Machine, Formula 1 and many others? They all share a few similarities, starting with a cluttered sales pitch full of false advertisement. Your scrolling side bar is about this size of paper clip and you have to sort through miles of silly jargon to find out how much it costs and to top it off sold through ClickBank using affiliates to sell it . Smart Play is clear and to the point. No phony testimonials or winners, No affiliates, just facts and results! They let the product speak for itself, and so far it’s shouting with rave reviews. 
To be clear, this is a lottery wheeling system that takes lines of numbers and arranges them over multiple lines in a unique and effective way to increase your odds to win. People who are really serious about winning serious money use a lottery system to first pick their numbers, then a lottery wheel to multiply them. Review are spouting up with many users combining the Lotto Guy Lottery System in combination with Smart Play Lotto Wheels to produce incredible win ratios. They seem to be the perfect fit for each other. 
The thing I love most about the lottery winning community is how international it is. Lottery forums are full of people helping each other out to win. Lottery systems like Smart Play Lotto Wheels are universal in that they can help any person with any pick 5 or pick 6 lottery game. People playing Euro Millions and the Caribbean Mega 6 are winning just the same as people playing Florida Lotto and the Georgia Lottery for example. 
It’s just not fair that a handful of people in each country get to run the lottery corporations and make so much money doing it. Get a lottery system, a lottery wheeling system as Smart Play Lotto Wheels and start adopting a winning persona. Let’s take some of that cash away from the Big Lotteries.

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Play Smart To Beat The Lotto

Yes you want to play smart if you are to beat the lotto or expecting to win anything playing lottery games. Lottery games such as Florida Lotto, Georgia Lotto, UK Lotto, Australian Lotto, Powerball, Mega Million, Lotto 649, Texas Lotto etc are not that hard to win if you know how to pick the winning lotto numbers.
So what do you need to increase your lotto odds to hit more winning lottery numbers combinations, more frequently? Your best bet is to use a lottery system. There are quite a few systems out there all promising you Big Results! Do they ever deliver? Not usually. However there are a few systems with reputable statistics that do give results. Smart Play Lotto Wheels is one of those rare systems that actually does help you beat the odds to win the lotto.
Smart Play Lotto Wheels is actually a very smart system. The system gives you Budget Wheels, Conservative Wheels and Max Play Lottery Wheels, so you the lottery player can decide how much you want to spend playing each lottery draw according to your budget. Smart Plays lottery wheels are very easy, fast and efficient to use, they are simply are a Smart way to play the lotteries and win lotto and that’s a fact!

We all want to win the lottery, but most people do not realize that to actually have a better chance to win big, you must play smarter!

Lottery Strategies – Key To Winning The Lotto

The Lottery is a game where players should use proven effective types of lottery strategies to make help themselves to be instant millionaires. In this game, players select sets of numbers and will win depending on how their choices match the lottery results drawn. Playing the Lottery can either be a game of chance or luck, or a form of gambling to get rich fast. Every player in the game aims to win big. Winning will depend on the patterns and strategies that players will use to pick their winning number combinations or lottery number.
There are various lotto strategies or lottery systems one can choose to use to increase their odds to win. These strategies mainly are lottery software systems based on past lottery drawn numbers, un proven lottery wheeling systems, or your very common basic hot and cold number systems. These types of systems or strategies have been all proven to only help a small percentage to increase your chances to win Australian Lotteries, Canadian Lotto, UK Lotto, U.S Lotteries, South African Lotteries and so on.
Most lottery systems being sold are just old common type strategies that will never increase your win rates even though they all claim they will. However, they are a few systems that are far above the usual common type lottery system. The Lotto Guy Lottery system for example is an up to date very unique exceptional system that has been shown to give lottery players worldwide a big edge to increase their odds to win.
There are a few other very well designed systems as Smart Play Lotto Wheels and just like the name implies, these are smart lottery wheels and have been tested for results. You must be careful when it come to lottery wheeling systems as there are literally hundreds of wheels out there and most do nothing to help your win rates. Lottery software systems are a dime a dozen and only give you information you can easily find yourself on the Internet, plus these kinds of systems do not help you much, you would need to use them along with a better system to get anything from them, so choose your strategy wisely, it could change your life!